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Cronulla Wedding Package and Marriage Celebrant

Keepin it simple ceremonies

If it’s the legals only or a registry style ceremony with a personal touch that you are after, I can definitely sort you out!


This option is popular for couples who may be getting hitched (non legally) overseas but want the legalities sorted here, or those that just want a fuss free, no bells and whistles experience.

Sutherland Shire Civil Ceremony and Marriage Celebrant


LEGAL TRIMMINGS- All legal paper work taken care of, your marriage registered & a commemorative marriage certificate on the day. The application for your Official Certificate of Marriage can also be paid for and processed as part of the package price. 

CEREMONY-  Includes all the legal wording in the short and sweet ceremony and I am more than willing to share in a champs with you after

LOCATION- This sweet and easy option can take place anywhere you like (either at my place or within 30 mins travel) Monday - Thurs and Fri/ Sat (AM only)

EloPements & Destination WeDDings

Elopements are one of my fave types of ceremonies to conduct; intimate, relaxed and so flexible in regards to the amazing places they can take us.

Get in touch to discuss your vision and I can tailor something perfect to you. I also have amazing friends in the biz and together we can package up the whole experience for you, so drop me a line. 

And hells yeah I travel!! I have visited close to sixty countries in my life time as travel is at the top of my passions list. 

The idea of getting hitched overseas sounds like a dream but buyer beware, as every country has their own requirements for making a marriage legally binding and some countries even have some serious hoops for you to jump through. 


Bali is one of my faves but also one of the most complex, which is why many couples choose to take their own celebrant along with them, or at least get the legals sorted here first.

Get in touch to discuss your dream destination and how together we could make it stress free and fabulous. 

Slow Down You're in Heaven


You may have already been legally married in another

country or another context, in which case a commitment

ceremony is what you are after!

Doing it all again in this format means your friends and family can be present and share in the joy of it all with you.

Like weddings, commitment ceremonies with me are created solely for YOU as the couple, celebrating your story and your style. They include all the trimmings just without the legal bits and are delivered with maximum joojsh.


Everything included in the wedding package, minus the legals.



Master of ceremonies

You can never underestimate the importance of an awesome MC at your reception.

They do so much more than just introduce the formalities and can seriously make or break the vibe and flow of the night. 

Keep me on as your MC and I will assist with the coordination and smooth running of all the elements, create the all important run sheet if your venue doesn't do so, keep your guests engaged and excited throughout all the formalities and maintain the vibe of your celebration. 

I highly recommend trusting in a professional for this gig, removing the stress and keeping your drunk uncle away from the mic. 


Usually this is a 5 hour package, dependant on the location of the reception, start time etc. 

Amy Watson Marriage and Wedding Celebrant
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