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Death Happens

And it can cut us to the core. 

Losing a loved one is such a difficult and complex time. 

Everyone grieves differently and at their own pace.

Having the opportunity to farewell your special person in a way that reflects their wishes, their personality and their unique life, is such an important step in that healing process.

It is an honour to be able to guide people through this. 

I believe that life should be appreciated and celebrated, whilst we are living it and when we're gone, and it is such a privilege to help families create the perfect send off for their person. 

As a funeral celebrant I work directly with families to carefully curate memorials, celebrations of life and funerals, sprinkling creativity, compassion and kindness always.

If you have any questions about options for your loved ones, get in touch.

I can also connect you with some amazing independent funeral directors with whom my values align.

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