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marriage celebrant & wedding MC Sydney - beach weddings


"Is there a 6/5 option?!?! Nothing compares. Our service was so bespoke, personal and absolutely perfect. Everyone at the wedding was blown away. Our guests were so involved and the true essence of our relationship was there for everyone to experience. Unforgettable."

~ Kris & Ben

Espresso Marry Me

Weddings with Amy are fun and fresh, fluff free and full of energy and love. 

In other words.... a total vibe!


A CRACKING CEREMONY- A unique, creative and completely personalised ceremony that truly reflects who YOU are as individuals and as a couple.  


PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY- Delivered on the day by a young, energetic marriage celebrant, who is warm, vibrant and experienced.


SUPER LOUD NOISE- Use of my state of the art PA system that delivers a honking sound.


LEGAL TRIMMINGS- All legal paper work taken care of, your marriage registered & a commemorative marriage certificate on the day.


UNLIMITED CONTACT- Unlimited contact during the process of us creating your unique wedding ceremony.


FINAL CATCH UP- We usually just rock this final run through at my home office, however a pre-wedding rehearsal at the venue is also possible (travel fees may apply).


OUTFIT CONSULTATION- Amy is not one of the Golden Girls so doesn't intend on dressing    like one on your day! She will  talk colours and style with you to                                ensure she doesn't clash with anyone on the day.


HOT TIPS- Loads of tips and advice regarding the planning of your super special day. 

EMERGENCY PACK- Access to my pack of essentials, including water, mints & chapstick (trust me, dem grooms get parched), safety pins, tissues (shitload), bandaids, batteries

GUARANTEED GOOD VIBES- My focus is on YOU and the vibe you are looking to set for your day. I don't do fluff or cliches, only real words about real humans who are bringing all the feels on their wedding day.


Amy is based in Sydney's Sutherland Shire however also performs weddings in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven region, Central Coast & Newcastle, Blue Mountains & the Southern Highlands and interstate.

Package prices include travel within a 40 kms radius from Kurnell. 

  • What paperwork is involved when getting married?
    All good things come with admin so there is indeed some paperwork that I will manage and guide you through. The first legal form to lodge is the Notice of Intended Marriage and this needs to be witnessed and in your celebrant’s hot little hand at least one month out from your ceremony date. There is another form to sign prior to the ceremony and the rest are signed on the day. All this is then lodged with the Births, Deaths & Marriages department and your marriage registered.
  • What ID do we need to provide?
    Proof of date and place of birth which can either be in the form of: A passport from your country of birth Or a birth certificate from your country of birth (with certified translation if another language other than English) and another form of photo ID such as your drivers license. If you have been previously married you also need to provide evidence that you are no longer, either in the form of a divorce or death certificate.
  • Can we organise our marriage ceremony from abroad?
    Of course! All our meetings can be undertaken virually and the paperwork submitted electronically. You will need to get your Notice of Intended Marriage form witnessed by a Notary Public in the country you are residing (usually found at the Australian consulate) then scan it through to me to lodge it.
  • Do you bring a PA and can I play music through it?
    Hells to the yeah, I bring my own top of the range PA which is portable and has blue tooth capability for your sweet ceremony tunes.
  • Do we need a rehearsal before the wedding?
    Personally I am not a believer in a big rehearsal prior to the big day. It's incredibly difficult to get all your people available at the same time (including me) and I spend the whole time talking to the couple anyway. So instead I do final catch up (just us) the week of the wedding so we can talk logistics, work through any complex chorey or inpromtu dance sequences and ensure we are ready to hustle like it's hot on the day.
  • Can we bring our dog to the wedding ceremony?
    Hells yeah! Give me all of the furry ones. I am a big dog lover and a huge fan of dogs at weddings but there are a few things to keep in mind if you're planning on bringing your pooch. Does your venue or location allow it first of all, and who will look after the doggo on the day. You need to have someone in charge of bringing the dog and getting it home so it's not running rogue and impacting your experience. There are excellent companies, such as Wedding Paws in Sydney, who offer dog sitting services specifically for weddings. Cannot recommend them more highly. And don't forget to bring a poo bag... coz shit happens.
  • How much does a celebrant cost in Sydney?
    How long is a piece of string? There are a truck load of celebrants servicing Sydney and its surrounds so the fees vary greatly. Some are retired hobbyists whilst others make marriages happen as a career, therefore the quality of service varies just as much as the price. There are celebrants in Sydney charging anywhere from $500 to $2200, but with anything, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys… and I don’t recommend having a monkey officiate your marriage. My fees are competitive but also perfectly reflective of my experience and the quality service I provide. There are slight variations depending on seasons, day of the week and location so get in touch for a quote.
  • Do you travel for weddings?
    Absolutely. I marry folks all over Sydney, the Illawarra & the Shoalhaven, the Southern Highlands and the Hunter Valley. I also travel further afield and marry cool cats across the country. If you have a unique location in mind for your elopement or wedding ceremony, get in touch for a detailed quote.
  • Who is the best celebrant in Sydney?
    Is that a trick question? Clearly me ;) Don't believe me, acheck out what some of the legends I have already hitched have to say. Jump on my testimonials page.
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