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Cronulla Wedding Packages

How to say 

3 Time to hear your love story! We'll meet so I can learn all about you both. This is where I will bring my butchers paper & crayons so we can brain storm the hell out of your creative ceremony...(well maybe just an ipad)








 1 CALL OR EMAIL ME! Let's chat about your wedding date & plans. We can meet via zoom if you like so you know I'm real and you can decide if I'm your gal!

2 With my help you wil lodge the Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form to get the ball rolling for realsies.**


My 'to do' list...

Write a kick arse ceremony that ticks all the boxes!




4 Let's rehearse via zoom the week leading up to your wedding to ensure smooth sailing on the day.

5 The big day!! I will arrive early to wrangle the crowds and ensure a timely kick off.

We all do our thing; show stopping entrance from the bride, tears from the groom, we say the legal bits & sign the legal bobs and

bad-a-bing, you're hitched! HOORAY!

While you're sailing off into the sunset with your pina coladas, I will get your marriage registered within 14 days.

BOOM! It's that easy.



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**The Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) needs to be lodged at least one calendar month before the date of your nuptuals.

At this time you will also need to provide evidence of the date and place of your birth. I will go through with you which documents are required for this. 

At the ceremony you will need two witnesses present, both over the age of 18.

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