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2022 got me good

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Well, it's been a red hot minute since I tapped away on the old Joe Blog, but there is good reason for that. 2022 seriously ripped me a new one!

With the Covid back log, postponements and couples who had been waiting patiently in the wings, it has felt as though every man and his dog got hitched this year. It's been wild, oh so wonderful and also just a wee bit exhausting for the majority of us wedding industry folk.

As the year meanders to an end, champagnes before midday become a normal occurrence and the world of weddings starts to quiet down, it's a beautiful time to reflect on what was, the highlights, the trends and the not so nice moments along the way also.

So here we go....

2022 has seen me make ninety one amazing couples married in a mix of big weddings, mini weddings, elopements and super simple registry style soirees, on every single day of the week.

I've traveled more kilometres than I'd like to imagine, spent the same amount on petrol as I would on an overseas holiday and I've seen some magic places along the way.

A highlight for me has definitely been the way couples are increasingly ditching tradition, embracing their own individuality and have created the most incredible, reflective celebrations as a result. More of this every day of the week please!

Midweek weddings have been a total vibe and have proven every time that no-one gives a rats booty what day of the week it is when it comes to celebrating your forever.

I am seeing this trend continue on into 2023 which is so exciting.

There has been a rise in the appearance of sequins, disco balls, coloured shoes, reception outfit changes and sunglasses and baby, I'm here for it all!

Champagne towers have become part of the wedding must have list, as well as confetti canons, toffee coloured roses and post ceremony espresso martinis.

What's not to love about that?!

'Earthy tones' has been the buzz word amongst all my couples, with sage green an absolute stand out shade this year and all my bright coloured outfits collecting mothballs in the cupboard.

There are so many things to love about this monstrous years of canubials, but you need a bit of ugly to truly appreciate the pretty stuff right?

And I think we all know who I'm talking about... Aunty La Niña.

That psychopath has definitely raised havoc this year and left many a wedding a lot more *moist* than we had planned. I don't think I've ever had so many wet weather plans enacted, so many indoor ceremonies and also ceremonies under brollies in the rain. I've also never used the word *moist' more, just to annoy all the people who hate it.

I've sent many a shoe to the grave this year, due to the dangerous mix of eco confetti, moisture and mud and I can only imagine the dry cleaning bills for my brides.

What a ride! I was endlessly

amazed by the way my couples took all that chaos in their strides. Whether it be family members going down with covid the day before their wedding, or having to replan a whole wedding in one afternoon when the road to their venue had flooded and closed completely (after already postponing three times).

My people have absolutely shone as humans and always remained focused on what is important, being married to the person they love.

So on that note, let's keep that as the focus always, focus on the things we can control and celebrate love and life whenever the chance arises. Who knows what magical mess 2023 will bring. As long as we approach it with love and kindness, I know we can give anything a red hot crack.

See you on the flip side lovers!!

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