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Who is the best celebrant in Sydney?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

One thing is certain, in the six years I have been registered as a commonwealth appointed marriage celebrant, there has been a huge influx of new kids on the block. This is fantastic news for you if you are planning a wedding, as you are literally spoilt for choice!

But I am about to let the cat out of the bag... with so many candidates, each bringing their own unique bag of tricks to the table, it's actually impossible to crown one Sydney celebrant the best of the best. #sorrynotsorry

We are all different, just as every couple is different, so the person who is going to be the best for you, may be different to that of your mate.

If you would like a little assistance however in making that choice and finding those celebrants who are amazing at what they do, then read on.

Sometimes having so many options can be a little overwhelming as it's hard to know where to start when choosing the perfect person to marry you and your lover.

If you were looking to hire an employee you would go over their credentials, check their experience and cross check their references. So I guess in a sense you do that in this case too, it's just that you may have to do a little more searching to find the info you need.

Where to start?

Google is probably the place where most people start the hunt and immediately get overwhelmed by the options. Narrow down your search terms if you are looking for something in particular, a fun Sydney celebrant or young celebrant, a non traditional celebrant, someone into spirituality, rituals or whatever.

Also check out top quality directories such as Wedshed, Hello May, Dancing With Her and The Celebrant A Listers.

Referrals This is 100% the best way to find celebrants and suppliers in my opinion.

Ask your friends, your fam, your local barista. They will likely only remember the awesome suppliers who they have seen in action and if they left an amazing impression they will be more than happy to pass on their name.

I get probably about 50% of my work as a celebrant and MC from referrals and I love this!

What to look at next?

Reviews are the best place to start in my opinion. Like a good CV, anyone can have a rip snorting website with rock star copy, but if that's not backed up by real evidence of people's experiences, then it doesn't hold much chop.

Websites are also super important so you can understand the style and services being provided and also what's included when you sign up.


Whether you're a grammer, an fb'er or a tweeter, socials are such a good way for businesses to validate the products or services they are claiming to provide through their website and marketing.

Through socials you can get a glimpse into the personality of a celebrant, their language, their brand, the couples they marry and how much experience they have.

Pretty straight forward... so then...

Meet up

Once you've done your research and narrowed down your faves, reach out to them and see if you can meet up via zoom, facetime or in person, depending on how they work.

This is where you can get a true sense of their personality and their energy and see that they are a good fit for you.

This is also the time to ask all those burning questions you probably don't yet have.

Remember, this isn't a job interview or the Russian inquisition. You don't need to come prepared with a list of questions you pulled fresh off the internet.

A lot of the time your questions will get answered as the conversation flows, but be sure to write any niggly numbers down to be sure you get everything ticked off.

So once you've got all that info, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff or in this case (because we aren't farmers), the pros from the not so's?

Here are a few things you may want to explore are:

Are they experienced?

How long have they been in the game and how often are they working? Are they full time or doing this as a side hustle or hobby? What's their back ground and what sort of skills or practical experience are they bringing to the table?

Are they engaging?

Public speaking and presenting skills are essential for this gig and as weird as it seems, there are some celebrants out there who didn't realise that when they signed up.

If you are wanting a shit hot celebrant to marry you then you are looking for someone who is engaging, confident, and able to work a crowd as these skills will take your ceremony and everyone's experience to the next level.

Are they eloquent?

We really are word smiths and story tellers by trade so if a celebrant can't string a sentence together with style, then you're in trouble.

Are they personable?

Connection is absolutely key in what we do. Celebrants should be people people. We're in the business of building connections with strangers at lightening speed, building trust so that they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and stories, and just generally making people feel warm and fuzzy. A celebrant should be warm and approachable, friendly and relatable. If you don't get those vibes, then keep looking.

Do they align with my values?

Now you're not marrying your celebrant, but they are advocating for you and your relationship on your most important day. You want to be on the same page based on what you believe and feel strongly about to ensure a smooth and love filled ride.

For me personally, I value equality and inclusion, diversity and recognition and respect of our First Nations people, kindness and of course, coffee. These things are non negotiable in your interactions with me, so if you aren't on my page, you're best to flip to the next one. **Apart from coffee. You are allowed to not drink coffee but I won't pretend to understand it.

Are they awesome enough for me?

Everyone's different. You will vibe with some and not with others and going with your gut is always the best way to play.

Remember also that those celebrants you have contacted, emailed or even met with, are in fact human beings. They aren't computer's generating automated messages. They're people.

So please don't ghost them if you don't think you're a match. Send a quick note to let them know you've gone elsewhere and they will be grateful that you did.

We all want you to have the best damn wedding day of your lives. We want you to find the people who are right for you and we want to marry the ones who are right for us. It's a partnership and once you sign the dotted line with me, I am completely invested in you and your vision and I guarantee I'll be the best Sydney celebrant for you.

If you want to know more about me and my vibe then please head to my contacts page and get in touch!

Keen to start stalking what others say about me? See some of my testimonials here.

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