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Flipping wedding traditions the bird

Marriage ceremonies are shrouded in history and tradition and it's not until you dig a little deeper you discover the meaning behind some of those weird and wacky things we have held onto for so long.

Why have bride's always carried a bouquet for example?

Well quite simply, to hide the ghastly smell of body odour as she flounced down the aisle in the Middle Ages, and to ward off evil spirits and bad luck of course.

So why do most bride's still carry flowers today? Well, because they look pretty and that's just what you do at a wedding right?

Well actually it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, some of the best weddings I am a part of, are the ones where couples have picked and chosen their traditions wisely, and anything that is not their vibe or not going to suit their style of celebration, they flip it the bird and kick it to the curb.

The end result is a banging love fest full of meaning and modern symbolism, minus the awkward, for the sake of it bits.

Natalia and Ben did exactly this when they got hitched recently at the beautiful Bendooley Estate. This was one incredible soiree for two seriously cool cats and they did everything to ensure their wedding was a total fiesta that celebrated who they are as individuals and a couple.

The First Look

Ben and Natalia got ready together, the bride, groom and all of their party squad.

This meant they had an amazing day hanging out together, sipping champs and sharing laughs with all their loves.

They got dressed separately and had their magic first look moment on the stairs, captured perfectly by the legendary James Day.

So many couples are ditching the tradition of staying separately the night before their wedding and waiting to see each other at the ceremony for the first time.

In truth, either option is magic on a stick but there are certainly benefits to a first look, particularly if your wedding is in the cooler months, where the days are shorter and light is limited.

A first look maximises your time to party post ceremony as you already have the bulk of your portraits done, so you can tuck straight into the signature margies, just as Ben and Natalia did!

You can also wear an appropriate pair of kicks whilst traipsing around the countryside and change them prior to the ceremony.

If you are an anxious person or feel like you may struggle with the emotion of the moment, then a first look is a good option for you too. Seeing each other prior to the ceremony can assist with that nervous anticipation and calm your nerves and emotions so you can enjoy the moment even more. You can even exchange your personal vows at this time, if the thought of laying your feels on the line in public, makes you want to puke. Puking is something we definitely would rather avoid.

The Processional

Natalia and Ben parted ways momentarily before the ceremony, as the tradition of walking down the aisle with her Dad was something that was important to them.

There was no formal 'giving away' or even a symbolic hand over as such, just a kiss and squeeze to the sound of rapturous applause, and away we went.

Some couples opt to ditch the traditional processional all together. They turn up, have a bevvy with their guests and when they feel like its time, we gather everyone together and we go. A beautiful, modern, low fuss way to start the unforgettable moment of marriage.

There are no rules when it comes to a modern day processional.

Any marrying person is entitled to a grand entrance if they want it and the aisle can be tackled together, alone or ditch it all together.

The role of flower girl is no longer reserved for your cute little niece, doggos are celebrated wedding party members, and if all your guests aren't clapping and cheering with excitement as you arrive, then you should have booked a better celebrant!

The Ceremony

The beauty of a civil marriage ceremony is that there aren't many rules. Aside from the few words that need to be said to make you married, your ceremony can be as relaxed, quirky, corny or cool as you want it.

Ditch the I do's for a couple of hell yeahs, involve your guests if you fancy, write each others vows and only exchange rings if it suits you.

Your celebrant is basically your Captain here (minus the hat), steering your ceremony in the direction you want it to go, in the style and vibe that will suit you best.

Natalia and Ben's was a relaxed and funny celebration of them and their families, with a couple of witnesses pulled from a hat, chook raffle style, to round it off.

It was a blast... even if we did almost freeze to death in the process. It was cold!

It was the perfect start to their epic party, which included lakeside margaritas, international guests via zoom, and a pre-dinner dance floor that dreams were made of.

The Team

Pulling all the right people together to see your vision through, is crucial when planning a modern, unique or non traditional wedding.

Natalia and Ben chose very wisely with this band of insanely talented vendors!!

Thanks for having us you gorgeous creatures!!!

Photographer: James Day

Videographer: The Design Patrol

Styling & Florals: Honey Lane Events

Dress: Inbal Dror

Celebrant & MC: Amy Watson- Marriage Maker (Me!)

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