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What will my COVID safe wedding look like?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

At the back end of 2019 I was fist pumping the world and preparing for my busiest year of marriage making yet.

2020; Year of the Love Rat.

Well... turns out it's been more like year of the infected bat.

Amy Watson Sutherland Shire Wedding Celebrant

COVID19 hit the world like a shit ton of bricks and with every teary conversation I've shared with stressed couples and every new wedding postponement or cancellation, my heart has broken just a little bit more.

But slowly we are clawing our way out of this mess and the wedding community (as well as everyone else on the planet) have everything crossed that larger scale events will soon return.

If you are one of those couples who have a wedding booked in NSW for the back end of 2020 or if you have postponed until then, there are a few things you may need to consider in the lead up.

Weddings in 2020 are obviously going to look a little different, even with the increased numbers, so here are some things to start thinking about in regards to your COVID safe shin dig.

You may still need to cull your guest list

As of today (1st July) there is no cap to the amount of attendees at a wedding, as long as the four square metre rule is in place. Huzzah!

But with the four square metre rule in place some venues still may not have the capacity to host your original guest list.

It's shit, but we ain't in 2019 anymore Toto and realistically there are worse problems to be navigating. Those guests will be bummed they won't be able to share in the moment but people will be understanding, and if they are not understanding, well should they have been on that list in the first place?!

So how do you choose who stays and who goes when Rona eats half your guest list?

Here's a few ideas:

Lock down your definite must haves first and put them to one side.

Perhaps you could then draw names from a hat or a beanie or a beret?

Maybe you could invite your besties but not their partners or cut the family off at immediate only. I mean when was the last time you saw your second cousin, srsly?!

Perhaps you could hold an online chook raffle and pull names from a hat whilst live streaming the event to everyone who was on your original list? That way, everyone knows how much you really wanted them there, it's transparent, COVID safe and a bit of fun too.

Or maybe you could just take a good honest look at the list, think about who you are closest to, who you know will be in your life for the long haul, and just allow the list to shrink from from there.

You may also want to think about your elderly or more vulnerable guests. Have a conversation with them about whether they feel comfortable attending a large gathering so they don't feel obliged to come if they actually don't want to.

How do you break the news if you had already sent out save the dates?

Be honest.

Unless they've been living under a rock, everyone knows the impact COVID 19 has had on the world and large scale gatherings. Send an email, make a call and just tell it like it is. People will understand.

Wedding Delay Note

You could even send out an 'Un-Save The Date' card with an explanation if that suits you.

Are hugs allowed at your event?

It goes against every inch of my being not to hug and kiss at a wedding, however if you are worried about elderly or vulnerable guests in particular, perhaps it's not the best idea. You could put out a blanket rule to avoid the squeezy stuff where possible and your celebrant can provide some reminders before kick off about reckless sneezing, if you are copping red wine breath then you're too close and the glorious dangers of snogging strangers on the d floor.

Are you allowed to dance?

In NSW open dance floors are currently off limits at weddings however the couple and their wedding party are allowed to bust a move... crazy I know! There still needs to be enough space for them to safely do so (four square metres each) and d floor crowding is still a no no. You may need to re-think how you execute traditions like the first dance and bouquet toss (**vomit... I highly suggest ditching this anyway).

Look, the d floor issue is a weird one and definitely not a rule anyone would have anticipated for their wedding, but give it time. Things are changing on the daily (or fortnightly to be more precise) and I am confident you will all be bumping and grinding at NSW weddings by September. **Please note, I actually have no evidence to base that on but am remaining optimistic.

Make A List of Attendees

This is currently a requirement for NSW & the ACT and I assume it will stick around. Get ahead of the game and make a list of all your attendees and suppliers and their contact details to provide to your venue and/or celebrant. They will need to hold onto those in case of an outbreak.

Talk to your venue

They will/ must have a rock solid COVID safe plan in place so just find out what that means and whether it affects any of your original plans. Be flexible and work with them, not against them as they want to make sure you have an amazing celebration whilst keeping everybody safe.

And lastly, hand sanny for dayz

Make sure your venue provides it in abundance, or you bring your own to have throughout. Keep your guests safe, healthy and sloshed and it will be the best damn day of your lives!

Want to check my availability for the remainder of 2020?

Get in touch here!

Wedding Party with Marriage Celebrant

Pic by @johnbenevente

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